Day Twelve: Magical Mayhem at Main Gate – 24 Days of Thanksgiving

There are so many wonderful memories to be had at Disneyland. Many of them take place in the different lands found at the Happiest Place on Earth. Some of them take place because of a parade or nighttime spectacular. Today, however, memories of magic at the Main Gate of Disneyland from years gone by. These memories include the Disneyland Band and quite often Mad Hatter and Alice. I’m definitely thankful for them all. In the mornings there were often some fun moments that would happen here as they would perform for guests entering the parks.

One of my favorite memories was when the Mad Hatter would do a thing called “Dancing Daddies.” He would pull random dads up from the gathered group of guests watching the mayhem. Then, they would do a dance together that the Mad Hatter would teach them and lead. One time, even though not a daddy, I was definitely pulled into this. It was a humorous start to the day and definitely added a healthy dose of magic as guests entered the parks…along with some hearty laughter. Sometimes there were also some syncopated strollers to watch as well. Other times there were marches with kids and the Mad Hatter, Alice, and whatever other characters happened to show up on any given day.

So much of the fun of these memories came from the spontaneity of the moments that were happening. While the band definitely had songs that were planned out, the zaniness of the Mad Hatter and friends made things unpredictable and a lot of fun. Memories were definitely made for different people every time these moments happened. They were absolutely wonderful and I am so thankful for them!

Did you ever see this magical mayhem at Main Gate at Disneyland? Do you have a favorite memory that you are thankful for? Let us know in the comments below!