Another Exec Leaves Disney After Chapek’s Exit

A lot is changing at The Walt Disney Company. On Sunday, Chapek was let go as CEO of the company and Bob Iger reinstated at the top of Disney. Since then, Kareem Daniel was also let go. Now, another exact has left Disney. This time it is  Arthur Bochner,

The news originated at Puck News and comes as no surprise. Bochner was Chapek’s speechwriter. He also served as Chapek’s chief of staff until August. Then he was moved to vice president of strategic communications. This came as Chapek faced more and more controversies that he found himself facing.

Bochner was the man behind Chapek’s recent remarks during the Quarter 3 earnings call that has been recognized as not going so well. In fact, it is believed that this was the straw that broke the camel’s back and led to Chapek’s firing. Between the unfavorable reaction to this presentation and the departure of Kareem Daniel, it is no surprise that Bochner left as well.

Iger announced that Disney will begin restructuring in the coming weeks. On Monday Iger will host a town hall for employees at Disney. There, he will give a look at what the future for Disney looks like and also be answering questions from staff.

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