Tips for Seeing Werewolf by Night at Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure

Werewolf by Night is now visiting Avengers Campus in Disney California Adventure for a limited time. This comes as Werewolf by Night is now streaming on Disney+. For those wanting to see Werewolf by Night, there are a few tips to make it easier to have a good experience.

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First off, he is appearing mostly above the exit/entrance between Avengers Campus and Cars Land. He makes appearances on and off for about a half hour before disappearing for a half hour. During his appearances, he will be growling, roaring, and making menacing gestures from above the walkway. He will disappear for a few seconds but often returns. Knowing where he is, however, is just the starting point.

Because his appearances happen above a walkway, getting to see him and get good pictures/videos of him can be a little more challenging than in some character locations. First off, recognize that the area right below him is a walkway and needs to stay that way so don’t try and stop right there. Don’t cause problems for the cast members, they are just doing their job. With that in mind, there are a couple of options on where to watch him from.

  • The easiest place to watch him from is inside Avengers Campus. Go towards the Avengers HQ building and stand along the fence. This location is out of the walkway and gives a decent look at him.
  • The second place to watch him from is along the fence on the Cars Land side of the area across the walkway.
  • Across the walkway, there is also a bench that is a decent place to watch him from as well. The thing to note about this location is that it is also the queue for the Doctor Strange: Mysteries of the Mystic Arts show.
  • Across the walkway inside of Avengers Campus on the fence (outside of the queue for the show) is a little bit further but also decent.
  • If you have a good zoom lens that can shoot decently in the dark, try shooting from further away inside of Avengers Campus. This will give a better look at him and also make the handrail less of an issue (yes, it does get in the way a bit when you are closer).

Werewolf by Night will also occasionally be seen walking in and out of Avengers Campus, swiping at guests along the way. However, this is the hardest way to see him and also the hardest to get a photo or video as a lot of the walk is in the dark. Don’t count on seeing him this way. On the evenings the Daps Magic team spent in Avengers Campus watching Werewolf by Night, it appeared that the first time he appeared was around 7:15 PM.

Here are photos of Werewolf by Night from October 12, 2022:

What do you think of Werewolf by Night? Have you watched the special on Disney+? What do you think of him in Avengers Campus? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!