Sequel to “Little Man of Disneyland” Arriving in January 2023

A classic Disneyland book is getting a sequel. Little Man of Disneyland originally was released in 1955 and tells of Patrick Begorra and the building of Disneyland from a unique perspective. This classic Little Golden Book was an introduction to the little man who lives in the roots of a tree in Adventureland.

Now, nearly 70 years later, a sequel to Little Man of Disneyland is going to be released. Called Little Man of Disneyland: A Change of Luck, this Little Golden Book is a story about Mickey Mouse and Patrick Begorra going on a quest to retrieve a lost hat and discover what it really means to be lucky. Little Man of Disneyland: A Change of Luck is now available for pre-order and can be found on Amazon.

Official Description of Little Man of Disneyland: A Change of Luck

Spend a day at Disneyland with Mickey Mouse and Patrick the leprechaun in this classic Little Golden Book about luck and friendship!

The Little Man of Disneyland is back! In this sequel to the 1955 classic Little Golden Book, Patrick Begorra, a leprechaun who lives in Disneyland, is out for a walk when his lucky clover-clad hat blows away in the wind! Swept into a rollicking adventure throughout Magic Kingdom, Patrick joins forces with Mickey Mouse and the gang on a quest to restore his luck and discover what it really means to be lucky. This heartwarming tale about luck, friendship, and community will be loved by Disney fans ages 2 to 5 and Little Golden Book collectors of all ages and is perfect for St. Patrick’s Day and all year round!

Are you excited about this new book? Will you be getting it? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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