No Disney Merriest Nites for Disneyland This Holiday Season

With all of the announcements for the holiday season at the Disneyland Resort, one thing was absent from the list: Disney Merriest Nites. This after-hours hard-ticketed event was offered last year for fans looking to celebrate the holidays in a unique way at the Disneyland Resort. The party included A Christmas Fantasy Parade, holiday-themed characters, merchandise, and foods, and also The Muppets Christmas Caroling Coach. It was offered on five nights throughout the beginning of November and December.

This year, it has been confirmed by journalist Scott Gustin that Disneyland Resort will not be offering Disney Merriest Nites.

According to Gustin, a Disneyland representative shared that the party will not be returning but instead the Disneyland Resort is always looking at new ways to entertain guests.

With Disney Merriest Nites not returning, it is unknown if The Muppets Christmas Caroling Coach will be returning. At this point, since it has not been announced, there is a good chance that it won’t be. However, there could be other ways to utilize The Muppets in the parks during the holidays as well.

What do you think of no Disney Merriest Nites for the Disneyland Resort in 2022’s holiday season? Will you miss it? Did you go last year? What was your favorite part of it? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

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