Hong Kong Disneyland Announces New Ticket Option and Other Offers

Hong Kong Disneyland has introduced a new ticket option. The new ticket option is an addition to their multi-tiered ticket structure. The new ticket is called the “Peak Plus Days Ticket” which is being offered on the most popular days and seasons. The new ticket goes for HK$759 ($96.69 US) for general admission of guests that are aged 12-64. For kids that are aged 3-11, the price is HK$569 ($72.49 US).

“Multiple-tiered ticket pricing, a common practice throughout the attraction and theme park industry in Asia, not only gives guests flexibility in choosing when to visit, but also helps us deliver a better experience for all our guests. In addition, along with other value-added ticket products such as the Magic Access program, this approach gives guests more ways to visit our parks,” said a spokesperson at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

Along with the new ticket option, Hong Kong Disneyland also updates for the Magic Access annual pass program. They are as follows:

  • Prices for an adult Silver Membership will be HK$1,348 ($171.73 US); HK$2,338 ($297.85 US) for Gold and HK$4,278 for Platinum.
  • Prices for student/child memberships under the Silver, Gold and Platinum tiers will be HK$998, HK$1,668 ($212.50 US) and HK$3,078 ($392.12 US) respectively.

The changes went into effect on September 22, 2022. Prices for Senior 1-Day Tickets and Magic Access senior memberships remain at the same price. This is the 11th year that they have gone unchanged. There are also 30% discounts on 1-Day Tickets for Regular Days and Peak Days, as was as Peak Plus Days for guests with disabilities.

Hong Kong Disneyland has also offered some special deals for Magic Access annual membership holders through November 16, 2022. The deals include:

  • Existing members with memberships expiring on or before Apr 30, 2023, can enjoy an early renewal discount of 20% on the current prices when renewing or upgrading to a Platinum or Gold membership.
  • New members who buy three or more Magic Access memberships can enjoy a discount of 15% on the current prices. (For Hong Kong residents only.)
  • New Magic Access can be purchased at current prices. (For Hong Kong residents only.)

* Offers not applicable to senior memberships, renewal to Silver membership or purchase of Magic Access Certificates.

What do you think of these deals for Hong Kong Disneyland? Have you visited there before? What did you think? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!

JoyYou card holders or Hong Kong residents that are aged 60-64 also can utilize another special offer that is effective until October 19, 2023. Eligible guests can continue to purchase a 1-Day Ticket at the special price of HK$100, which is the same as a 1-Day Senior Ticket for guests aged 65 or above. There will be other promotions and offerings coming throughout the year as well. This will include the “Double the Fun” promotion for both Halloween and Christmas. With this promotion, guests can visit the park twice between September 16, 2022, and January 16, 2023, at the offer prices of HK$759 for General Admission of guests aged 12-63 and HK$569 for kids aged 3-11.

As has been happening, Hong Kong Disneyland will continue to donate tens of thousands of park tickets to underserved families and people through non-profit organizations.


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