D23 Expo Ends on Highnote with Disney Character Voices Panel!

The D23 Expo weekend ended strong with the Disney Character Voices panel on Sunday night. The panel had multiple iconic voices that people know and love. These voices help bring to life so many beloved characters shared about what they do, what they have learned doing it, some wonderful memories, and more. Along the way, they brought a healthy dose of Disney magic to the panel. The panel included the following talented people:

  • Jim Cummings – Darkwing Duck, Winnie the Pooh, Tigger, Pete, and many others
  • Bret Iwan – Mickey Mouse
  • Bill Farmer – Goofy/Pluto
  • Tony Anselmo – Donald Duck
  • Kaitlyn Robrock – Minnie Mouse
  • Jodi Benson – Ariel/Barbie
  • Susan Egan – Megara
  • Linda Larkin – Jasmine
  • Scott Weinger – Aladdin
  • Donny Osmond – Shang (singing voice)

There were several fun moments throughout the course of the panel. At one point, Bret Iwan, Tony Anselmo, Bill Farmer, Kaitlyn Robrock, and Jim Cummings sang You’re the Top in their individual characters. During the second half of the panel, many of the Disney heroines played games with host Rick Dempsey. At the end, there was a surprising addition to the panels that included Scott Weinger joining Linda Larkin in demonstrating how ADR works with a scene from Aladdin. The panel ended on a very high note with Donny Osmond performing I’ll Make a Man Out of You from Mulan. The performance included choreography and dancers that recreated the feel of the original movie and song.

Disney Character Voices is an incredible panel that brings the magic of the voices behind so many favorite Disney characters to life on the screen. The people behind these voices were able to show the heart and passion that they bring to their jobs. This was a highlight of the D23 Expo and one that will hopefully be returning in future D23 Expos.

What did you think of the Disney Character Voices panel at D23 Expo? What was your favorite part? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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