Mickey: The Story of a Mouse

‘Mickey: The Story of a Mouse’ Trailer Released at D23 Expo

Mickey: The Story of a Mouse is a new Disney Original Documentary that is being released as the kickoff to Disney’s 100th-anniversary celebration. The documentary will arrive on Disney+ on November 18, 2022, on Mickey Mouse’s birthday. Over the weekend at the D23 Expo, a trailer for the documentary was released.

Mickey Mouse has been recognized globally for decades as a symbol of joy and childhood innocence. Mickey was dreamed up when Walt Disney was at one of his lowest points and then became a beloved icon very quickly after starring in the first sync-sound animated short, Steamboat Willie. As time went by, Mickey had many different versions appear that followed the growth of Walt Disney’s career and also the changes in society that were happening around him. Now, Director Jeff Malmberg and Academy Award-winning producer Morgan Neville (who worked together on Won’t You Be My Neighbor?) take a look at Mickey Mouse’s cultural significance. An exclusive animated short film, Mickey in a Minute, is also a part of this documentary which has Eric Goldberg, Mark Henn and Randy Haycock document the process. It was created by the hand-drawn team at the Walt Disney Animation Studios.

“Ninety-four years ago, Walt Disney created a mouse that would become one of the world’s most beloved characters,” said Marjon Javadi, vice president of Disney Original Documentary. “We are excited for the world to see Mickey Mouse in a way they’ve never seen him before. Our award-winning team of filmmakers captures Mickey’s journey through the years and reminds us why he has had such an impact on us.”

“Mickey Mouse is a symbol we see every day of our lives” director Jeff Malmberg says. “We all know Mickey, but he means different things to different people. We felt like Mickey deserved a documentary that was joyful but also honest. I’m glad that Disney allowed us to delve so deeply into the evolutions and meanings of the world’s most famous mouse.”

Mickey: The Story of a Mouse includes legendary Disney animators Eric Goldberg, Mark Henn, and Randy Haycock. Animation artist and Disney Legend Floyd Norman is also included. The film also features Carmenita Higginbotham, director of Walt Disney Archives Rebecca Cline, and also archivist Kevin Kern.

The documentary is directed by Jeff Malmberg and produced by Morgan Neville, Meghan Walsh, and Chris Shellen. The documentary was executive produced by Caitrin Rogers, edited by Jake Hostetter and Aaron Wickenden, with cinematography by Antonio Cisneros, sound design by Lawrence Everson, and music by Daniel Wohl. The film had its World Premiere at the South by Southwest Film Festival this year and also screened at the Sun Valley Film Festival and Newport Summer Film Series, and other places as well.