Two Captains Log: Weekly Review Of Orville – Ep. 10

It is time for the review of the Orville: New Horizons episode of the week. But, this recent episode was the season finale of the re-christened series. “Future Unknown” was based around Claire and Isaac’s wedding. It was a very fitting season end to a big season buildup, that also saw the payoff over all three seasons. It also saw a very fitting resolution to the Kaylon/Union conflict. Intermixed was a revisit to an undeveloped planet where a previously met character asks for asylum and comes to grips with that. So, here we go with the review of “Future Unknown.”


Mr. DAPS: “This was actually one of the better-looking episodes to me. I actually think it might be because there wasn’t as much going on. This show, in general, is very ambitious with its design. With there not being as many massive battles, glamour shots of ships, and other special effects, it seems like this episode was really able to make itself look good. The real winner this week wasn’t any of the special effects though, it was instead the costumes. There were some excellent uniforms, wedding dresses/outfits, and even an Elvis costume. On the flip side, there was also a costume that kind of was jarring to me and took me out of the story because it was jeans and a shirt with I think a cardigan that looked like something one would see out and about anywhere today. This is nitpicking though. Overall, Orville nailed design this week.”

Murray: “I have been amazed at the budget for cgi in this season. When it comes to ships they put so much processing power toward short shots. I’m thinking in particular to the Kaylon armada coming as wedding guests. So many ships requires so much computing it is amazing just to see that. As far as other designs, the big nod goes to costumes. Claire’s wedding dresses were very nicely designed. But, it was the dress uniforms for the officers at the wedding that was surprising. It’s something I pick up on in Star Trek movies and series, examining when they change their uniforms. I appreciated and liked the dress uniforms. They are actually something I would like to cosplay in.”


Mr. DAPs: “This episode music finally feels like it was starting to get dialed in. I felt like it actually was one balanced part of the overall storytelling instead of it being too much. Yes, there were moments where my eyebrow went up and it probably still was a bit much. However, this week felt a lot more dialed in. This week also fit well with what was happening on screen.”

Murray: “We have chided the music throughout this season as being distracting. Though this episode did have its moments, I actually liked how dramatic it was. The chase between Bortus and Klyden had a very epic suite to it, but it made it even more fun. There were a lot of fun songs that even had characters singing that really added to each scene. I especially appreciated the song at the beginning of the episode that made it feel like I was entering a 50s sitcom. I think for the first time in this season I liked the music as a whole.”


Mr. DAPS: “This episode actually had two very good stories I thought. The main A Story was that of Isaac and Claire getting wedding and all that surrounded that. The B Story was that of Lysella asking for asylum and then discovering the transition aboard the Orville was harder than expected as she wanted to help her home world with the technology that she was experiencing on board the ship. Both stories I thought were great. I actually think either of them could have been a stand-alone episode though with a small secondary story connected. I do think the wedding story was a good choice for the A Story just because of how it connects with the crew of the ship and their development together. However, part of me felt like the Lysella story had broader implications so I did second guess which one should have taken lead. Overall, I really enjoyed the story of this episode though.”

Murray: “Now for the other hard category that I’ve done some scolding in with this season. This episode did have two storylines going at once. They weren’t too related, though crossed paths with each other at one point. I don’t think the two storyline approach has worked in the past with this season, this was an episode where it worked. The story of Lysella seeking asylum gave opportunity to explain the Union a lot better. They even had a better reasoning and explanation of their version of the Prime Directive. Of course, the more prominent story dealt with the relationship of Claire and Isaac. It was a great plot with a lot of humor. But, it really shows how far the characters have come and matured throughout the Orville series.”

Hit or Miss?

Mr. DAPs: “This week was easily a hit. I felt like both stories in this episode had heart that was relatable. I loved the humor in this episode. I loved the implications for the show and the world that the show takes place in. I also loved that this episode didn’t have galactic consequences for once. I like that things were dialed in and really focused on the ship, its crew, and the people it comes into contact with. Overall, this might have been my favorite episode of the season. I really hope we get to see more Orville in the future.”

Murray: “I give this episode a big applause at being a hit. Even a Klyden style ‘HOORAY’ applause. I’ve been invested in the Claire/Isaac relationship and this was a wonderful payoff. I really liked the use of Lysella’s gaining asylum with the Union to explain the universe overall. Though it was a lot of exposition, it really helped give it all more depth. The best part with the episode was the humor. It was something that was not too present at the beginning of the season and it feels like they brought it back well by the end. There have been a couple other episodes that are among my favorite from the whole series this season, and now added is ‘Future Unknown’. Plus, a character came back from one of my other favorite episodes from the series, so that helps put it in the ‘big hit’ category.”

With that, it is time to take a pause on Two Captains’ Log. But, don’t worry, we will be back. The pause is from there being a gap between the next Star Trek series. We’ll be back for a weekly review of Lower Decks coming up in a couple of weeks!

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