Avengers Deployment Vehicle Unveiled for Avengers Campus in Paris

Disney has unveiled the newest vehicle for Avengers Campus in Paris. This is the Avengers Deployment Vehicle. It joins the Quinjet, which was recently shown arriving at Avengers Campus in Paris. The Avengers Deployment Vehicle, of ADV, will be tasked with deploying Super Heroes throughout Avengers Campus. They will then be available to meet new recruits or jump into action as needed.

The ADV was developed by Stark Industries and was introduced by CEO Tony Stark introduced this new high-tech vehicle. The mission statement of Stark Industries is ” to bring to life innovations that exist only in our wildest dreams, to identify, recruit and train the next generation of Super Heroes.” 

Disney also shared six facts about the ADV:

  • The ADV was designed following a futurist aesthetic and equipped with cutting-edge technology.
  • Tony Stark’s sophisticated definition of style is reflected in the vehicle’s sleek look and feel.
  • The Avengers logo is a strong identity marker.
  • Its oversized wheels and angular-shaped bodywork symbolize strength and power.
  • The ADV is powered by Wakandan Vibranium — an ultra-resilient energy source that flows through all elements of the vehicle, protecting the driver and cargo alike.
  • There are unique side doors that allow for swift access and a peek at the interior; the rear open bay lets recruits greet the Super Heroes aboard!

Avengers Campus will open in Paris this summer! Are you excited to see the ADV in action? Share your thoughts and opinions about the ADV in the comments below!

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