Ant-Man Brings Miniature A Bug’s Land to Avengers Campus

A Bug's Land Miniature with Ant-Man at Avengers Campus

In a nod to the previous inhabitant of the Avengers Campus space, a miniature version of A Bug’s Land has been seen this week in the land. Appropriately enough, Ant-Man has been carrying around A Bug’s Land. It appears to have been made smaller through the technology created by Dr. Pym. His Pym Particles were used to miniaturize the land that once was in Disney California Adventure.

DAPS MAGIC team member Murray was able to see the miniaturized version of A Bug’s Land while visiting Avengers Campus today. Take a look at Ant-Man walking around with the miniaturized land in the video below.

The Wasp has also reportedly been seen carrying around this small land as well at Avengers Campus. Its arrival has come with the Marvel Super Heroes now roaming Avengers Campus and interacting with guests. This came with the return of traditional character interactions to the Disneyland Resort earlier this week.

A Bug’s Land closed at Disney California Adventure in 2018 to make way for Avengers Campus. It originally opened in 2002 and was the first new land that was added to Disney California Adventure.

What do you think of this nod to this previous Disney California Adventure land? Have you seen Ant-Man with it in the park? Have you seen it with The Wasp? Share your thoughts, opinions, and experiences in the comments below!

2 thoughts on “Ant-Man Brings Miniature A Bug’s Land to Avengers Campus”

    1. They generally DO have little nods here and there to previous attractions! This is definitely the first time I’ve seen them give it over to Dr. Pym though!

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