Welcome to GEEKS CORNER and The DAPSIES! Every year GEEKS CORNER gives out awards in five categories during The DAPSIES. The presenters/hosts this year are Mr. DAPs and Caitie. The show also includes two short films from the two hosts and a special musical number from Harry Larry.

The awards come from the following categories:

  • Movies
  • YouTube
  • People
  • Geek
  • The Corner

We hope you enjoy this year’s GEEKS CORNER with The DAPSIES! Let us know your favorite award, segment, or short in the comments below! We’ll see you in the corner!

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Here are this year’s winners for The DAPSIES:


  1. Encanto – “The Earworm”
  2. No Time To Die – “Apparently there was time to die”
  3. Luca- “Pass the Pasta” 
  4. Spider-Man: No Way Home – “That was a long origin story”
  5. Ghostbusters: Afterlife – “comedy that makes you cry” 


  1. Nathan’s Marvel Intro – “The NCU” 
  2. William shatner in space – “The Final Frontier” 
  3. Bowling Alley Drone video – “Mr DAPS isn’t allowed to do this” 
  4. Tango and Juliet YouTube channel – the “fly high” 
  5. Mark eating frog legs – “I almost feel bad” 


  1. Elizabeth Olson – “chaos magic” 
  2. Noah Sunday-lefkowitz – the “man, I wish I was as awesome as that guy” award.
  3. John Williams – “thank you for writing the soundtracks of our lives” 
  4. Dave Filoni – “coolest guy in a cowboy hat”
  5. Brianna Garcia – “Magical Cosplay” 


  1. Falcon and the Winter Soldier – “I could watch this all day”
  2. Muppets Caroling Coach – “More Please” 
  3. Beatles Get Back – “Caitie couldn’t stop doing an accent”
  4. Rainbow Connection Spaceship Earth – “Just when we thought EPCOT couldn’t get better”
  5. WDW 50th – the “I love EPCOT” award 

The Corner

  1. Clocky – the Master Postmaster Award 
  2. Nuimos – most addicting merchandise award
  3. Drew – “hey, he looks and sounds like Hagrid but should be in Star Wars” award
  4. LEGO – the “let’s get together yea yea yea” award.
  5. Ivy – the “she’s even prettier inside and out than her name” award.


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