Scrims Come Down From Around Royal Theatre at Disneyland

After several weeks of being surrounded by scrims, the Royal Theatre looks brand new. This comes after the scrims were removed after work was done on the Royal Theatre. The result is a vibrant and beautiful paint scheme. DAPS MAGIC team member Steven stopped by Disneyland to get photos and video of the renovated Royal Theatre. Check them out below.

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The Royal Theatre originally opened at Disneyland in 2013. When it opened it created a new location for guests to meet Disney royalty and see some of their stories come to life. The Royal Theatre initially showed live retellings of Beauty and the Beast and Tangled. This replaced the Princess Fantasy Faire that offered guests the chance to interact with Disney royalty in Fantasyland Theater.

Since Disneyland reopened in the spring of 2021, the location has mainly been used as an open-air meet and greet location for guests to meet Disney princesses. At this point, there have been no announcements regarding the return of any shows to the Royal Theatre.

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