Magic Happens

Looking Back at Magic Happens Two Years After Its Official Disneyland Opening

Two years ago from today Magic Happens officially opened at Disneyland. It had a soft opening the day before on February 27th to the delight of Disneyland guests. This parade brought many magical Disney moments to life through two new songs and nine floats. Over 90 performers brought this character to life with over two dozen Disney and Pixar characters in the parade. It included the following segments:

  • A Swirl of Magic – Mickey Mouse
  • A Wave of Magic – Moana
  • A Bridge to Magic – Coco
  • A Magical Forest – Frozen II
  • A Magical Dream – Grand Finale
    • The Pumpkin – Cinderella
    • The Sword – The Sword in the Stone
    • The Kiss – The Princess and the Frog
    • The Once Upon a Dream – Sleeping Beauty

This parade kicked off with an energetic start that quickly gained momentum and favor with fans. Then, just after about two weeks the parade ended its run when the Disneyland Resort closed down due to the pandemic. At this time it is unknown when it will return. However, Disney told reporter Scott Gustin that it “may return at a later time as part of the phased reopening.”

Two years after the parade opened, Disneyland fans are eager to see its return. However, since there isn’t any news on this matter it is fitting to look back at the opening day of Magic Happens. It is a beautiful parade during the day and at night it is equally (if not more) magical. Watch either or both below from the opening day of Magic Happens.

Magic Happens Opening Day

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Magic Happens Opening Night

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A single for Todrick Hall’s theme song was also released for the parade following the opening of the parade. What is your favorite part of Magic Happens? Did you get to see it in person? Share your thoughts, opinions, and memories in the comments below!