Disney Princess Toy Line Heads Back to Mattel, Star Wars Stays With Hasbro

The Disney Princess toy line is heading back to Mattel. This comes after the toy company lost licensing rights to Hasbro in 2016. With this return, Mattel will again be making toys for the Disney Princess toy line that includes the Frozen franchise and more.

Mattel will again start selling Disney toys in 2023. The line will be managed by the same group that currently manages the Barbie line. The financial terms of the deals have not been disclosed at this point. The addition of the Disney Princess toy line joins other Disney brands that Mattel currently licenses. This includes Pixar’s Toy Story and Cars franchises. They also will be making toys for the upcoming Lightyear movie.

“As the worldwide leader in dolls, we look forward to bringing our unique Mattel Playbook approach to brand management, product and marketing expertise,” said Mattel President and Chief Operating Officer Richard Dickson.

Hasbro isn’t completely out in the cold, though. It has extended the licensing rights to Lucasfilm properties. This includes Star Wars and also Indiana Jones, which hasn’t had a movie since 2008. A new one is coming next year. Hasbro said new Indiana Jones toys will be released in 2023 as well.

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