CHOW TAI FOOK Presents the World-Exclusive Pure Gold Hong Kong Disneyland Castle of Magical Dreams

HONG KONG, December 10, 2021 – Guests at Hong Kong Disneyland can now catch a glimpse of the resort’s newest, most valuable collectible item thanks to the launch of a first-of-its-kind pure gold replica of the Castle of Magical Dreams, in collaboration with Parks alliance partner CHOW TAI FOOK. Valued at around HK$16 million, this beautiful piece of craftsmanship at “Enchanted Treasures – Presented by CHOW TAI FOOK” has been specially created to celebrate the first anniversary of this castle’s bespoke jewelry store.

The Pure Gold Castle was unveiled earlier during a ceremony, alongside a new series of Disney Princesses and Queens jewelry was also launched. It was crafted by the artisans from CHOW TAI FOOK, who are appointed as the “Royal Jewelers” for the castle’s keepsakes and treasures. Two years in the crafting and detailed measuring, the 85cm-high Pure Gold Castle is guaranteed to be a new photo spot for some glamorous shots. What’s more, the first owner of the Pure Gold Castle will be rewarded with a lifetime free admission pass to Hong Kong Disneyland! Details to be provided at a later date.

“CHOW TAI FOOK has been working closely with Hong Kong Disneyland Resort as an operating participant and Parks alliance partner, producing exclusive products that have been well-received by our guests ever since the opening of our Enchanted Treasures store,” said Tim Sypko, Senior Vice President of Operations at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.

“With meticulous craftsmanship, the Pure Gold Castle recreates the Castle of Magical Dreams which symbolizes courage, hope and possibilities. And when people come to the park from this Christmas, I’m sure coming to see both the real castle and our gold replica will be at the top of their lists.”

Kent Wong, Managing Director of Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group, said: “We are honored to continue our collaboration with Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, and created the first-ever Pure Gold Castle of Magical Dreams. Combining innovative technology with traditional jewelry craftsmanship, this artistic gem is an important milestone for our Group, and a cornerstone that celebrates our long-term Parks alliance with Hong Kong Disneyland Resort. Furthermore, we strive to offer customers more satisfying shopping experience through our ingenious craftsmanship and high-quality services. This brand-new Pure Gold Castle, along with the Disney Princesses and Queens-themed jewelry, not only provides our customers wider choice of products with inspiring stories, but also bringing them a blissful fulfilment through jewelry.”

Two years of meticulous craftsmanship to outline every detail

The Pure Gold Castle uses the Castle of Magical Dreams as a design blueprint, with both perfectly complementing one another. The design and crafting process for this one of a kind collectable was not simple, with every pattern, texture and icon of each tower being different. This meant that every process required a lot of time and effort to depict each of these details. From Aurora’s crown at the top of the tower, to Cinderella’s pumpkin coach and Belle’s enchanted rose, each finial has been perfectly recreated in astounding detail.

A team of over 50 professionals spent a total of 42,248 hours to create the Pure Gold Castle, which was built with a ratio of 1:60. It measures in at 85cm (height) x 61.6cm (length) x 44cm (width), with a pure gold content as high as 8,692 grams (approximately 232 taels). The current valuation of the gold castle stands at around HK$16 million, making it a must-visit spot for guests.

The team applied different professional modeling software such as Zbrush for model making, Rhinoceros for architectural design, and JewelCAD for jewelry design. The teams also used 3D printing technology for Fused Deposition Modeling (FMD) and Computer Numerical Control (CNC) to print the 221 components for the Pure Gold Castle. Furthermore, the sparkles on the castle were created with electroforming and the use of at least three kilograms of diamond powder (a method called sandblasting) to perfectly illustrate the glory of the majestic castle

As a final step, they polished every inner and outside detail including the rose window, the iconic symbols, patterns and decorations on the towers, along with more than 19,000 tiles and 5,000 bricks to the ultimate effect, ending up with a dynamic and three-dimensional masterpiece. This creation stands tall among other collectables. There is only one chance to make it impeccable, and the masters of craftsmanship have certainly wielded it into perfection.

Exclusive Hong Kong Disneyland Jewelry – the perfect gift for a white Christmas

As Hong Kong Disneyland gears up for “A Disney Christmas,” now is the perfect time to shop for loved ones’ Christmas gifts. To celebrate the unveiling of the Pure Gold Castle, an all-new Disney Princesses and Queens-themed jewelry collection was launched, showcasing the iconic symbols, stories and characteristics of different characters. This includes the two gold coin sets – “Disney Princess” and “Elsa and Anna” – exclusively available at Hong Kong Disneyland. Each gold coin is engraved with portraits of each character, with the Castle of Magical Dreams engraved on the back. Available exclusively at Hong Kong Disneyland, the limited edition of the Pure Gold Castle of Magical Dreams ornament is simply exquisite, allowing guests to bring their magical memories back home. Also, a new “Disney Princess” Collection featuring five gold pendants, which will also be pre-sale at Hong Kong Disneyland.

Until January 2, Hong Kong Disneyland will be transformed into a winter wonderland with snowfall from day to night, where guests can celebrate the holiday season with their favorite Disney friends, heartwarming Christmas music, and much more. Without needing to travel abroad, treat yourself to the authentic Christmas experience full of festive photo hotspots and a sprinkle of Disney magic!

CHOW TAI FOOK – “Hong Kong Disneyland” Collection and “Disney Princess” CollectionCHOW TAI FOOK “Hong Kong Disneyland” Collection “Disney Princess” Pure Gold Coin Set

A set of 12 gold coins featuring the portraits of Disney Princesses on the front, including Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, Rapunzel, Merida and Moana, and an engraved Castle of Magical Dreams on the back. The set is sold exclusively at the CHOW TAI FOOK store in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Model no: R-20461

Price: HK$4,600

CHOW TAI FOOK “Hong Kong Disneyland” Collection “Elsa and Anna” Pure Gold Coin Set

A set of two coins featuring the portraits of Elsa and Anna on the front, and an engraved Castle of Magical Dreams on the back. The set is sold exclusively at the CHOW TAI FOOK store in Hong Kong Disneyland.

Model no: R-20462

Price: HK$870

CHOW TAI FOOK – “Disney Princess” Collection Pure Gold Pendants

These five Disney Princesses pure gold pendants are inspired by the iconic symbols of Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Rapunzel and Tiana. The pendants celebrate the new generation of courageous women who, like the Disney Princesses themselves, are not afraid to chase their dreams. By wearing these pendants, wearers can also be inspired by the Princesses and be proud of their shared personality and characteristics.

  • “Ariel” Pure Gold Pendant / Model no.:R-20765
  • “Belle” Pure Gold Pendant / Model no.:R-20766
  • “Jasmine” Pure Gold pendant / Model no.:R-20767
  • “Rapunzel” Pure Gold Pendant / Model no.:R-20768
  • “Tiana” Pure Gold Pendant / Model no.:R-20769

Price: HK$1,600 per design (exclude necklace)

CHOW TAI FOOK “Hong Kong Disneyland” Collection “Castle of Magical Dreams” Limited Edition Pure Gold Ornament

The gold Castle of Magical Dreams ornament has been recreated with a ratio of 1:340, allowing fans to enjoy the magic of Hong Kong Disneyland with a collectible item to last forever.

Model number:R-20968


Hong Kong Disneyland asks for guests’ kind understanding and compliance with the following requirements when the park reopens. Guests must:

  1. Purchase their tickets in advance and reserve a visit up to 14 days in advance of their visit online, via the Hong Kong Disneyland reservation website. Magic Access members must also make a reservation prior to visiting but can enjoy the benefit of reserving 15 to 16 days in advance, subject to different membership tiers.
  2. Make a health declaration and provide their name and contact number as part of the Hong Kong Disneyland park reservation process.
  3. Undergo temperature screening procedures upon arrival. Guests with a temperature of 37.5 °C or above cannot be admitted.
  4. Wear a mask at all times during their visit, except when enjoying food and beverage at catering premises. These measures will continue to be reviewed as the situation evolves and will be adjusted as necessary.
  5. As required by the government and health authorities, park visitors are required to scan the “LeaveHomeSafe” QR code or register their names and contact numbers before entering the premises.

About Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Limited

Chow Tai Fook Jewellery Group Limited (the “Group”; SEHK stock code: 1929) was listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong in December 2011. The Group’s vision is to become the most trusted jewellery group in the world.

Founded in 1929, the Group’s iconic brand “CHOW TAI FOOK” is widely recognised for its trustworthiness and authenticity, and is renowned for its product design, quality and value. A long-standing commitment to innovation and craftsmanship has contributed to the Group’s success, along with that of its iconic retail brand, and has been embodied in its rich 90-year heritage. Underpinning this success are our long-held core values of “Sincerity • Eternity”.

The Group’s differentiation strategy continues to make inroads into diverse customer segments by catering to a bespoke experience for different lifestyles and personalities, as well as customers’ different life stages. Offering a wide variety of products, services and channels, the Group’s brand portfolio comprises the CHOW TAI FOOK flagship brand with curated retail experiences, and other individual brands including HEARTS ON FIRE, ENZO, SOINLOVE and MONOLOGUE.

The Group’s commitment to sustainable growth is anchored in its customer-centric focus and strategies, which are in place to promote long-term innovation in business, in people and in culture. Another asset underpinning sustainable growth is a sophisticated and agile business model. This supports the Group by fostering excellence and extending opportunities along the entire value chain to communities and industry partners across the world.

With an extensive retail network in China, Japan, Korea, Southeast Asia and the United States, and a fast-growing e-commerce business, the Group is implementing effective online-to-offline (“O2O”) strategies to succeed in today’s omni-channel retail environment.

Service hotline: (852) 2526 8649 / Website:


About Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

Hong Kong Disneyland Resort offers unforgettable, culturally distinctive Disney experiences for guests of all ages and nationalities. Filled with your favorite Disney stories and characters, Hong Kong Disneyland offers guests the opportunity to explore seven diverse lands that are home to award-winning, unique attractions and entertainment. Complete your adventure with stays at the resort’s luxurious Disney hotels. The magic doesn’t end at our doorstep; as a dedicated member of the local community that cares deeply about societal wellbeing, Hong Kong Disneyland Resort spreads its magic through community service programs that help families in need, boost creativity among children and families, encourage the protection of the environment and inspire healthier living.

Mobile app gives the latest updates

The Hong Kong Disneyland mobile app keeps guests informed of all the excitement at Hong Kong Disneyland Resort, from operating hours to entertainment schedules. Use the GPS-enabled map to find your way around the park or make reservations for park restaurants, and make every moment count with wait times for each attraction. Magic Access members can also view block-out calendars and membership privileges, designed to make your visit even more magical.

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