National Geographic Releases Trailer for Growing Up Animal Ahead of Disney+ Arrival

National Geographic has released a trailer for its docuseries Growing Up Disney. This comes ahead of the six-episode series’ arrival on Disney+ on August 18th. The series is narrated by Tracee Ellis Ross and follows animal mothers and their babies from the womb and then as they grow up and face what nature has to offer. There are six episodes that are each an hour-long. They will look at grizzlies, sea lions, elephants, African wild dogs, chimpanzees, and lions. All six episodes will be released on August 18, 2021, when the series debuts.

Growing Up Animal Official Description

“‘Growing Up Animal’ gives an incredible up-close glimpse into the world of animal mothers and babies,” said narrator Tracee Ellis Ross. “From the early stages of pregnancy to their adorable first helpless moments in the big, wide world, it is remarkable to see how each animal’s unique instincts and adaptations help them endure the harsh realities of their environment.”

The six-episode series is an in-depth examination, using unique technology to allow viewers to experience first-hand what these mothers and babies endure during the path to new life. As each episode follows the pregnant mother’s journey, scientifically accurate in utero baby animal silicone models are used to portray the miracles happening within the womb. These scenes depict a realistic view of the animals at various stages in fetal development. Animal researchers and world-renowned scientists gathered the data and scans to make these models as accurate and life-like as possible, especially for the series.

“Growing Up Animal” is produced by Wall to Wall Media for National Geographic. For Wall to Wall Media, executive producers are Jeremy Dear and Dominic Weston. For National Geographic, executive producer is Pamela Caragol; senior vice president of unscripted development and production is Janet Han Vissering.

What do you think of Growing Up Animal? Are you excited about this docuseries? Share your thoughts and opinions about this show in the comments below!

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