Guests Visit Disneyland Resort on First Day Without Mandatory Masks Mostly Without Masks

Today was the first day that the Disneyland Resort did not require fully vaccinated guests visiting its theme parks to wear face coverings. Guests visiting the parks did so predominantly without masks on today. This came as the state of California also celebrated reopening after over a year of being “shut down” due to the pandemic. Friend of DAPS MAGIC, Clocky McDowell (@sentfromdisneyland) was at the Disneyland Resort today and experienced this change of policy first hand.

In messages exchanged today, Clocky shared what it was like to be at the Disneyland Resort on this first day with no mandatory masks for those who are vaccinated. As he entered the parks he shared how security tape and temperature checks were gone from the entrance process. In Downtown Disney District, tape on the benches that restricted sitting to accommodate social distancing had been removed over night.

Once in Disney California Adventure, Clocky continued to make more observations. One was that 5-10% of the guests still were wearing masks it appeared to him. Lockers also were now open. These did not initially reopen with the parks and it was the first time that they had been available to guests. There were also no longer any cast members counting numbers of guests entering the stores.

Attractions appeared to no longer have capacity limits as Clocky wandered around the park and noted that Incredicoaster appeared full. Guests were no longer required to social distance. People could sit anywhere with no more stickers blocking certain seating areas.

Clocky also observed that even without masks, many guests seemed to be comfortable around each other. They could be found sitting next to each other in the Animation Building, in lines together, and overall they seemed to be enjoying the day at the park together.

Cast Members continue to wear face coverings and observe COVID-19 safety protocols at the Disneyland Resort. The changes today came quickly and most likely are unnerving for some and exciting for others. Whatever opinions had by those visiting the Disneyland Resort theme parks or even just interacting online, remember that kindness is incredibly important during these times of change. Front line cast members are not the ones making the decisions so show them extra kindness.

A huge thank you to Clocky for sharing some of his day with DAPS MAGIC! Sent from Disneyland is a weekly podcast where you can explore Disneyland through postcards mailed from 1955 to the present! Listen to the podcast at Also check out Sent from Disneyland on instagram with the handle @sentfromdisneyland.

What do you think about the change of face covering policy at the Disneyland Resort? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below!


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