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Welcome to the DISNEY Reporter! Each week Mr. DAPs covers the top five stories of the week from the world of Disney and geek. This week, there were a lot of possible stories to cover but only five of them made the cut! Make sure to check out the rest of these stories on DAPS MAGIC! Let’s take a look at the stories that made it into this week’s report!

First off, Universal Studios Hollywood is set to reopen on April 16th. This comes as both Los Angeles and Orange Counties are moving into the Orange Tier, which means more capacity for both Universal and Disneyland as they reopen. When Disneyland does reopen, the Blue Bayou will not immediately. However, when it does reopen it will serve alcohol for the first time at the restaurant. This makes for the second place that is open to the public at Disneyland where alcohol can be purchased.

Over in Florida, The World Famous Jungle Cruise will soon be updated with a new storyline and backstories. These changes will be happening without the attraction closing. Expect to see changes as guests visit in the coming months. Finally, Disney MagicMobile is also now available for those with Apple devices at Walt Disney World Resort. Guests can basically now use their iPhone and Apple Watch interchangeably with their MagicBand.

Those are the top five stories this week from the DISNEY Reporter! What do you think the top story of the week was? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments below! We’ll see you in the parks!

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