New Orange Bird Photo Spot Revealed in Adventureland at Walt Disney World Resort

In 1971, Orange Bird debuted with the Sunshine Pavilion at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom. In the last 50 years, this little bird has become an icon that not only represents Magic Kingdom but Walt Disney World as a whole! Yesterday, Disney revealed a brand new photo spot to celebrate this beloved character!

The mural, which you can see in the tweet from Disney Parks below, is located in Adventureland in Magic Kingdom. This allows guests to order their Citrus Swirl and then travel just a few steps to snap a photo with Orange Bird! You can see more about the design and painting process of the mural on Imagineer Zach Riddley’s Instagram here.

Personally, I love this touch and think that it is the things like this that make Disney unique! I love that fans will have the opportunity to capture a memory with a character that is original to Disney Parks! What do you think about this new mural photo location? Will you be excited to get your photo here the next time you’re in Walt Disney World? Be sure to connect with us on Twitter and Facebook to let us know what you think!

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