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Disneyland Resort President Releases Letter About New Reopening Guidelines

Disneyland President Ken Potrock has released a letter to the local community, guests, and cast after new reopening guidelines could have theme parks in California reopening as early as April 1.

Potrock took over as the president of the Disneyland Resort in May 2020 and had the unenviable position of leading during a pandemic. Initially, it looked like there was a possibility to reopen last July but that ended up not happening. Instead, the parks remained closed indefinitely which eventually led to layoffs of thousands of Disney Cast Members. Now, it appears that things are beginning to turn around.

In the letter, Potrock again affirmed that the Disneyland Resort has a path forward to reopening that is in place. Highlights of the letter include Disney’s commitment to getting people back to work in a safe environment, rebuilding the local economy and investing in the community, and also the excitement about bringing guests back to the parks. The letter wraps up with a positive look at the future and gratitude to the community and guests for being patient during this difficult time.

At this point, there is no known official reopening date for the parks at the Disneyland Resort. Expect details to start to come out about reopening in the not-so-distant future. Below is the full letter from Ken Potrock.

Disneyland President Ken Potrock Letter to Community, Guests, and Cast

To our community, our guests and our cast:

A year ago, the thought of Disneyland Resort closing for 12 months seemed unimaginable. Yet here we are — although instead of marking a grim milestone, we are encouraged by today’s news from the state as we await specific guidelines. Due to our perseverance and collaboration with state leaders, we now believe we have a path to reopen this spring. As you know, it will take some time for us to ramp back up, but I am certain that we will come back stronger than ever! We look forward to sharing an opening date soon.

Last May I took on the dream role as president of the Disneyland Resort. I was beyond thrilled to join the talented team in Anaheim, and eager to become involved in the local community. Like many, I envisioned reopening the resort in short order, and getting our cast members back to work. But as COVID-19 cases spiked, this was not to be. We hunkered down and hoped that the numbers would fall. But days turned into weeks, weeks into months.

While we can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel, I want to acknowledge how difficult the last year has been. This pandemic has taken a devastating human toll…both in terms of lives and livelihoods, and I empathize with the personal pain so many have experienced. Shortly after closure, we furloughed nearly all of our cast members. A few months later our decision-making went from difficult to heartbreaking when, due to a lack of clarity about when we could reopen, we were forced to lay off thousands of our cast. We recognize that the year-long closure of the Disneyland Resort also means many local businesses are shuttered and their employees currently are out of work. Tens of thousands depend on us for employment…and the significance of this is not lost on me or any Disney leader. And we are heartened that our reopening will be the beginning of recovery for so many.

As we move forward, our mission as an organization has shifted. First, nothing is more important than getting people back to work in an environment that promotes health and safety. And we couldn’t be more excited to begin to bring many of our cast back.

Second, we have long touted the fact the Disneyland Resort is the unprecedented economic engine within the region, driving tourism and tax revenue for vital services. This is a responsibility we take seriously and embrace heartily. We will continue to find ways to work effectively with local residents, city and county leaders, resort Area businesses and nonprofit organizations. I am proud of how cast members have rallied around the community throughout our closure and heartened that we have been able to donate millions of dollars in surplus toys, 200 tons of product to food banks to feed those in need, and much-needed protective equipment including N-95 masks to first responders…and there are many other support efforts by both the company and our cast beyond those listed.

Finally, when we will fully reopen we will do so in a responsible way and showcases our multifaceted capabilities, just as we have at our other parks around the world. We’ve already begun to do this with a stair-stepped approach. In July, we reopened the Downtown Disney District and followed with additional shopping and dining on Buena Vista Street. Later this month, we will debut “A Touch of Disney,” a ticketed experience at Disney California Adventure park, and based on the enthusiastic response from our guests when tickets went on sale, we know they are eager to get a dose of Disney magic. What’s more, this experience enables us to bring back more than 1,000 cast members. As we responsibly reopen Disneyland and Disney California Adventure parks and our hotels once again, we look forward to welcoming back thousands more. 

Walt Disney once said, “The more you are in a state of gratitude, the more you will attract things to be grateful for.” A cynic might say that lately there has been little to be grateful for. But I’m an eternal optimist and the past months have helped me be even more laser focused on what I am most grateful for… our community, our guests and our cast. 

To our community: For 65 years Anaheim has been our home, and together we will rebound. Never has a strong community been more critical and we will continue to find ways to invest in the city, bring back tourism and strengthen our valued relationships. Thank you.

To our guests: You are the reason we exist and we miss you. You motivate us to continue to innovate and provide a cherished place to make memories with your loved ones, and we are humbled to play such an important role in your lives. Thank you.  

And especially to our cast: You have always been, and most definitely still are, the soul of the Disneyland Resort. I could not be prouder of the countless ways you’ve supported each other throughout this crisis. For those who have been working to maintain the magic and preserve the place that Walt Disney himself built, I know how seriously you take that responsibility and I appreciate your resilience, optimism and continued passion. And to those who have been patiently awaiting news of our reopening, I am grateful for your continued dedication, grace and never-ending support. I have every confidence that our comeback will be legendary — and I can’t wait to celebrate together. 

To all of you, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.


Ken Potrock

President, Disneyland Resort