Magic Kingdom Says Goodbye to Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom

Over the weekend the Magic Kingdom shuttered its interactive experience Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom. Guests visiting the Magic Kingdom on Monday noted that the place where the game would begin, the Main Street Firehouse, was shuttered. The doors were closed and no cards were being distributed to be used interactively throughout the park.

The closure of the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom should come as no surprise. Disney, and the world, have continued to move forward in technology. Smartphones and apps now are the way towards interactivity as opposed to cards being held up to a window.

Before it closed, the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom was an interactive scavenger hunt that was a free experience at the Magic Kingdom. The official description for the experience was:

Hades has an evil plan to make Magic Kingdom park his new summer home. He’s enlisted a brigade of Disney baddies—Cruella, Scar, Jafar, Maleficent, Ursula, Yzma, Ratcliffe and Dr. Facilier—to help track down 4 enchanted crystal shards, which are hidden throughout the park. It’s up to you to foil their plans and save the day.

Get ready for spellbinding adventures at every turn!

While this is the end of the line for Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom, Disney continues to move forward and create new experiences and attractions. At this point, nothing has been officially announced as a replacement for this experience.

What do you think should replace Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom? Should anything? Share your thoughts, ideas, and opinions in the comments below!


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