Marvel Studios Gives Tribute to Chadwick Boseman with Studios Intro Video

Marvel Studios has introduced a new tribute to Chadwick Boseman in a new version of the intro video for the studios. Yesterday, Bob Iger hinted that a new tribute would be coming for Boseman ahead of Black Panther on Disney+. This is that tribute. The video tribute comes on what would have been Chadwick Boseman’s  44th birthday. He passed of colon cancer in August.



Boseman brought the character of Black Panther to the big screen and while he portrayed a hero there, he was a real hero in his own life. Throughout his time as T’Challa/Black Panther, Boseman was fighting cancer. While he was doing this, he was encouraging others and going the extra mile to make the world a better place.

Speaking at the 2018 Howard University commencement address, Boseman shared, “Purpose is the essential element of you. It is the reason you are on the planet at this particular time in history. Your very existence is wrapped up in the things you are here to fulfill.”

Although his time on earth was cut short, his legacy will continue to live on as a man who knew his purpose and actively pursued it.



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