Hong Kong Disneyland 15th Anniversary Castle of Magical Dreams

Castle of Magical Dreams Unveiled at Hong Kong Disneyland as Part of 15th Anniversary Celebration

The Castle of Magical Dreams has been officially unveiled at Hong Kong Disneyland. This comes as the park celebrates its 15th Anniversary. This comes as what was formerly Sleeping Beauty Castle has made its complete transition to the Castle of Magical Dreams. The Castle of Magical Dreams is inspired by the 13 stories of Disney Princesses and Queens. These stories are represented throughout the castle and its 13 turrets. It is the first time a castle has been completely changed and also the first time a castle represents multiple heroines and their stories versus a single princess as seen elsewhere around the globe.

The Castle of Magical Dreams pulls from the stories and the parts of the world they come from to create different architectural choices for the castle. This means there are inspirations to be found from Europe, China, and even Southeast Asia in the architecture of the castle. The challenge for the team behind the castle was making this cohesive yet distinctive. Digital modeling was used ahead of the actual expansion of the castle. The expansion of the castle actually was integrated with the original Sleeping Beauty Castle as the castle expanded. Modular construction was used so that different parts of the castle could be built offsite while the castle itself was also being built at Hong Kong Disneyland. The team hopes that the castle signifies “hope, courage, and possibility inspiring all who dare to dream big.”

As guests explore the castle, they will discover many details hidden in plain sight. As guests look closely, they might find Snow White’s apple, Abu, Mushu, or Merida’s bow and arrow. There are also murals found around the castle that reflect the stories of each individual princess or queen. The murals also include details from the time period and place that the character would have lived in. This came after a great amount of research was done. Examples given by Disney is Cinderella aboard a hot air balloon flying over her kingdom, Aurora dabbling in falconry, and Ariel aboard a sailboat as she sets out to visit her family.

Mushu on the Castle of Magical Dreams at Hong Kong Disneyland

Castle of Magical DreamsAlong with the stories of the 13 princesses and queen, there are also extra magical dreams to found in the Castle of Magical Dreams. Invited guests, cast members, community partners and Disney friends, including Mickey Mouse, were invited to send in “magical dream cards” with their own dreams and wishes. These were then put into a treasure chest and lifted to the top of the tallest tower. These wishes and dreams will remain there in the heart of the castle to ensure “that the heart of the resort will always be filled with hopes and dreams.”

As traditionally happens when one Disney attraction is replaced by another, there is a tribute placed to remember the legacy. In this case, the original Sleeping Beauty Castle is not only remembered by part of its facade being seen at the front of the castle. It also now has Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather spreading pixie dust in the breezeway.

Flora, Fauna, and Merriweather in Castle of Magical Dreams

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