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Newsom’s Press Secretary Says Theme Park Guidelines Are Coming This Week

It has been a long six months since Disneyland closed last March. In the time since, many officials have been pushing Governor Gavin Newsom to at least issue guidelines for Disneyland and other theme park reopenings. This morning, Newsom’s press secretary, Jesse Melgar said the guidelines would be released this week.

The theme park guidelines will be issued directly from California Department of Public Health. The guidelines will be grouped in with the sectors that have already been given guidelines. Though they plan to issue guidelines and requirements for reopening, it is expected that theme parks in different counties may have different guidelines.

This comes after The Walt Disney Company announced the layoffs of 28,000 employees domestically. Disney executives credited California’s slow reopening for the severity of the layoffs. The reduction in the workforce has begun this week and will continue on for the next few weeks and months.

If the guidelines are expected to come before the end of the week, I would believe that these would be issued either today or tomorrow. It will be interesting to watch what happens before the weekend.

Follow along with us here at DAPS MAGIC and we will update you when the guidelines for theme park reopenings are issued.

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