Disneyland Paris to Close Again Due to COVID-19

Disneyland Paris - Featured Image

As coronavirus cases continue to increase in France, Disneyland Paris will again be closing its gates. This comes after French President Emmanuel Macron made a televised address announcing that due to the surge of COVID-19 the nation would be again going into lockdown.

Starting on Friday, October 30th the country will go into lockdown with people only able to leave their homes for essential work or medical needs. Non-essential businesses will close. This includes restaurants and bars. Essential businesses, including factories and schools, will remain open. The borders will also be closed with mandatory rapid testing being utilized for anyone who does enter the country. The new guidelines will be re-evaluated every 15 days and are expected to continue into December.

There has been no official word from Disneyland Paris on its closure at this time. However, in order to comply with these guidelines, Disneyland Paris will be forced to close its gates. A reopening date is unknown at this time. Earlier this year Disneyland Paris closed on March 15th and reopening on July 15th. In September, it limited its hours as President Macron began to impose a curfew on the nation as coronavirus cases again began to grow.

In announcing the new guidelines, President Macron indicated that he hoped by taking these actions it would help people be able to celebrate Christmas and New Year together at the end of the year once the national lockdown ended.

“I’m asking for a very big effort, let’s hold out with for 15 days. If within 15 days, we can better control the situation, we can then reassess things and hopefully open some shops, especially in this important period before the Christmas holidays,” Macron said.

This bigger effort comes as the recent efforts to tamp down on this second wave of coronavirus that is sweeping across Europe did not succeed. Currently, France’s COVID-19 deaths are at the highest they have been since they peaked in April. 33,000 new cases were reported in France on Tuesday.

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