California Officials Complete Tours of Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood

Earlier this week, California officials announced that they would be taking a tour through major in-state theme parks. These tours would help to develop the reopening plans for theme parks in California as they have remained closed since Mid-March.

A spokesman from Universal Studios Hollywood said “We were grateful for the opportunity to share our enhanced health and safety protocols with state officials, including representatives from GO-Biz and the California Department of Health, earlier this week. We are hopeful this brings us closer to a positive resolution on behalf of our entire industry.”

While Universal Studios Hollywood remains optimistic, Disneyland has not made a public comment on the tours through the park.

Newsom was not apart of the group that toured through the major theme parks but he did send a team to Walt Disney World last week. They have not disclosed what information they have gathered but they have stated that they wanted to observe how it was possible to safely reopen theme parks while we maneuver through COVID-19. While it is unclear what information they have gained from either of these observations, we hope that it inches theme parks closer to reopening safely.

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