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Mulan Has Less-Than-Stellar Opening in China

Disney’s Mulan is now playing in China. It’s opening weekend was less than stellar. For its opening weekend, the remake of the 1998 animated film brought in $23 million. This was significantly lower than the $30 million that Warner Bros’ Tenet made during its opening weekend one week earlier.

The Eight Hundred, a local war epic garnered $83 million during its opening weekend last month.

China currently has 91% of its theaters open and this weekend was also a three-day weekend in the country. Currently though, theaters are operating at 50% capacity.

“China was supposed to be the savior for this film, now it will rest on the success of premium video on-demand on Disney+,” Jeff Bock senior analyst at Exhibitor Relations, a market intelligence firm, told CNBC.

Disney hasn’t released specifics on how well Mulan performed on the streaming service. There may be some details shared in Disney’s next quarterly earnings call in November though.

According to TechCrunch, there was a 193% in-app spending increase at the beginning of September.

On the flip side, there has been criticism over Disney’s filming in the Xinjiang region and then the thanks in the credits that came from the time filming there.

Disney+ subscribers were able to get Premiere Access for an additional $29.99 above the monthly $6.99 subscription.

What did you think of Mulan? Did you purchase Premiere Access? Share your thoughts in the comments below!


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