California Attractions and Parks Association Urges Reopening Theme Parks Soon

The California Attractions and Parks Association has urged California Governor Newsom to reopen theme parks throughout the state soon.  Erin Guerrero, executive director of the representative organization of theme parks, said in a statement that it was urgent for the state to reopen these parks in a safe manner for communities to go back to work.  Guerrero also pointed out that millions in tax revenue have been lost from not just Disney parks being shuttered, but from other parks like Six Flags and Cedar Fair owned and operated California parks.  There have also been thousands of jobs lost according to Guerrero.

In the article from OC Register, it has been noted that efforts to reopen safely with guidelines have been planned since April.  The companies have also been working with California on how to implement safety measures and what approved guidelines could look like.  However, the state of California has not given any guidelines to the theme parks about what is required.  Guerrero has said that California has not been forthcoming in what the guidelines have been.

Newsom has been saying that there is progress being made toward reopening.  Guerrero says the parks are ready for it.

The article also has said that reports indicate that no outbreaks have been linked to theme parks opening in other states, which includes Florida and Walt Disney World.  It does point to an example of how the California parks could safely reopen to the public.  For now, there is no indication of when these will reopen.

For further information, here is the OC Register article.

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