This week, rumors have begun to fly about the future of physical media from Walt Disney Studios. As it stands, it currently looks that Disney will no longer be pursuing 4K physical releases in favor of putting media on the Disney+ or Hulu streaming services.

If the rumor proves to be true, Walt Disney Studios will still follow through with 4K physical releases for Disney animation, Pixar, Star Wars, and Marvel Studios projects. The Digital Bits, who originally reported the story, have said that this will have the biggest impact on Disney and Fox Studio’s live-action films. Disney is set to release Home Alone and Hocus Pocus on 4K physical next month but after that, there are no longer any plans to continue physical releases.

When I heard this, it made total sense to me. Disney has wanted to continue to build the catalog of its streaming services as it seems to be the way of the future. Just last month, Disney was proud to announce they crossed 60 million paid subscribers on the Disney+ streaming service and it is only just beginning.

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