Magic Kingdom Park Opens for Previews with New Safety Protocols

Magic Kingdom Park

DisneySince Walt Disney World Resort closed in March, fans have been patiently waiting for when then gates will reopen and let the magic happen once again. Today, cast previews have begun at Magic Kingdom Park and Disney’s Animal Kingdom and these previews are allowing fans to get a glimpse of what they can expect when they travel back to Walt Disney World. Here are some of the new safety protocols we have observed from the opening.


At Disney’s Magic Kingdom, the security process still seems to be the same as it was before the parks shut down. It now does include temperature screening for guests coming into the parks.

At Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the park’s security process has changed quite a bit. In the tweet below, you can see that Disney has installed the contactless scanners to minimize person-to-person contact. If you have a smaller bag or purse, you can walk through these scanners and begin your day at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. If you have a larger bag or backpack, you still must have your bag checked by a cast member at the security checkpoint.


Last month, Disney put out a list of attractions that would be opening with the park. At this time, there are multiple attractions that cannot run due to safety precautions or simply because they are still figuring out the best course of action. Our friends at Mousesteps noted that the Tomorrowland Transit Authority Peoplemover was closed today but noted that it was testing and cast members had said that it would be ready before the park officially opens.

In the queues for attractions, Disney has installed plexiglass barriers to help maintain distance between guests. These barriers act as protection between guests when six feet isn’t necessarily possible, like multiple lines next to each other. The tweet below shows these barriers in place in the queue for Flight of Passage at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

While wait times have remained mostly low at both Magic Kingdom Park and Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Splash Mountain has seen wait time soar to 50 minutes which is a major difference from the 5 and 10 minute waits around the parks. This comes after the news that both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort will retheme Splash Mountain to become a Princess and the Frog attraction. Though it is unclear when this attraction will close for the retheme, many fans want to experience the attraction one last time in its original form.


For now, characters are not available for traditional meet and greets in an effort to maintain social distancing safety. This has led to some sweet new ways to see your favorite characters! This morning, the princesses were greeting guests from on top of the train station. In the video below, you can see that fans have had a chance to see Tinkerbell on her parade float and also the Country Bears from on top of their theater space. While this definitely is not the way we are used to seeing our favorite characters, guests are still able to snap a selfie or two and make memories that are sure to last a lifetime!

This has also made for incredibly unique character moments throughout Walt Disney World Resort! Fans at Magic Kindom Park today got a chance to see Merida from Disney and Pixar’s Brave riding her beloved steed Angus! Seeing this is incredibly special and makes for a truly incredible video or photo opportunity! I would personally love to see something like this at the Disneyland Resort when it reopens to guests!


While you can still grab some of your favorite quick-service food and beverage inside the parks, the process for ordering and pickup has changed. In the tweets below, you can see that Disney has installed plexiglass barriers to help protect both the guests and cast members. The new ordering process utilizes mobile order and instead of simply walking up to a waiting area, you must find a cast member to direct you to a socially distance waiting area! I personally love this addition and think that we could see something similar when the Disneyland Resort reopens, even though we have less space to accommodate.


At this time. Disney is using entertainment in a way that is safe for all guests to enjoy. Most entertainment will do quick passes through the park so that a crowd does not form to watch. Though this is very different from the entertainment we are used to in Disney parks, there is something so magical about still being able to hear the Main Street Philharmonic Band play the Mickey Mouse Club March through the parks.

While the traditional main street shows are not possible this time, we have also seen the Mickey and Friends cavalcade travel down the parade route of Magic Kingdom Park to “Get Your Ears On” a song which is sure to make guests feel right at home. This song was used during the Get Your Ears On Celebration in early 2019 as has remained an upbeat tune that has been used in shows and cavalcade since. It always makes us want to dance!


A big question among Disney fans was what the mask-free relaxation zones would look like. These zones obviously have to be big enough to accommodate social distancing and would preferably be in a spot away from the harsh Florida sun. One of these areas is at the Tomorrowland Terrace and seems to have plenty of space under an awning to stay safe from the elements!


Though there have been a lot of changes to Walt Disney World Resort, the most incredible thing to me is that the magic is still there. I definitely got a bit choked up watching the Main Street Philharmonic Band play and I felt a sense of wonder watching Merida ride Angus. Another thing that blew me away is the new paint job on Cinderella Castle! These tweets below show the castle at Magic Kingdom Park, which I personally think is absolutely gorgeous. I look forward to seeing how this paint fades as it spends some time in the sun. I think this is the perfect celebration of 50 years at Walt Disney World!

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