Tri-Circle-D Ranch

Walt Disney World Resort Shares New Look at Tri-Circle-D Ranch Ahead of Reopening

Ahead of the reopening of Walt Disney World Resort Disney is sharing a look at the new barn at the Tri-Circle-D Ranch at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground. Throughout the closure of the Walt Disney World Resort, Cast Members have continued to care for the horses that inhabit the ranch.

Through the year, Tri-Circle-D Ranch has housed “The Happiest Horses on Earth.” This followed in the legacy that was begun at Disneyland and envisioned by Walt Disney himself of bringing horses fo the Magic Kingdom Park. The dream was realized and the Tri-Circle-D Rach was established ahead of the opening of Walt Disney World Resort.

Disney had previously shared that a new barn was being built for the ranch. It would be an enhanced new place for the horses to live, have playtime, pony rides, and more. The new stable includes larger stalls for the horses. It also has 10 additional stalls for “The Happiest Horses on Earth.” Each new stall includes automatic water stations. In fact, the barn is over double the size of the original. The barn also has two tack rooms, a wedding harness room which showcases the tack for Cinderella’s ponies. It also showcases the return of the museum that is dedicated to Walt Disney’s love of horses.

Dragon Calliope -Tri-Circle-D Ranch
Dragon Calliope -Tri-Circle-D Ranch

Additionally, an iconic piece of Disney history has been brought back to the barn. This is a 1907 Dragon Calliope. Walt Disney purchased this horse-drawn musical wagon for Disneyland in the 1950s. Currently, it is on display at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort & Campground.

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A new pony foal named Violet can also be seen at the Tri-Circle- D Ranch. She was born at the new stable and is already making herself at home there. She spends her time enjoying the pastures with her mother Elsa.

Violet - Tri-Circle-D Ranch
Violet – Tri-Circle-D Ranch


Tri-Circle-D Ranch is just a quick walk from its original location. It can be found just around the corner from the bus loop by Pioneer Hall. More information about how Disney cares for its animals can be found at