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Renovation on Frontierland Entrance and Hub to be Completed Before Park Opening

This week, Disneyland announced that the renovation on the Frontierland entrance has continued. This construction, as well as other essential work around the resort, has resumed so that the parks will be ready to welcome guests back to the parks when they decide to open again.

Though the Disneyland Resort has postponed their July 17 opening, Disney is still doing everything they can to ensure that guests have a magical experience when they return. Inside the Disneyland hub, they have brought back brick pavers to help make the walkways look brand new. They have also continued the work to lower the curbs around the hub to increase the flow through the walkways.

Over in Frontierland, the work on the gate aims to widen the bridge and the entrance into the land. This area of the park frequently sees a heavy stall in traffic due to the narrow walkway, so we hope this helps in the future. We assume this will be similar to the renovation of the Adventureland entrance, which also helped bring more guests through to that land. When it is safe for guests to return to Disneyland, we are sure that it will be incredibly welcoming and magical!

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