The Walt Disney Family Museum Launches App with Virtual Access to the Museum

The Walt Disney Family Museum may still be closed, but they are doing an amazing job with new content and ways to connect with guests during the closure. We’ve told you about Happily Ever After Hours events and the virtual exhibit “The World of Tomorrow”. Now, we’re excited to tell you about their newest endeavor, The Walt Disney Family Museum app. It’s free and a great way to explore the museum from wherever you are while it is closed.

The app features museum highlights and virtual tours. You can find a mini version of the Main Gallery Tour with voice overs and select photos from each of the 15 gallery spaces. In the Virtual Offerings section, under Virtual Tours and Highlights, there’s a video version of the Main Gallery Tour. It’s voiced by a duo that all fans of the Disneyland Resort know, voiceover artists Bill Rogers and Camille Dixon.

In addition to the Main Gallery Tour, there’s also an audio described tour, and even an ASL tour. The app includes access to “The World of Tomorrow”, the museum podcast, and more. Once the museum reopens, it looks like tickets can be purchased on the app. In the meantime, you can find ticket, membership, and donor information. The Virtual Tour video is free for a limited time on both the app and the museum site,

Here’s a look at this new app, which can be downloaded now for free!