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Pixar Releases A Beautiful New Teaser Trailer for Soul

Pixar has released a new teaser trailer for its upcoming film Soul. This new video gives a deeper look into the life of Joe, a middle school band teacher who is voiced by Jamie Foxx.

“Music is life. You just need to know where to look,” Joe says in the trailer. “Spend your precious hours doing what will bring out the real you — the brilliant, passionate you that’s ready to contribute something meaningful into this world. Get ready, your life is about to start.”

What Joe really would like to have happen in life though is to become a jazz musician. Just as he is on the cusp of getting his big break though, he has a fall that causes his soul to be separated from his body. Soon, Joe finds himself in The Great Before. This is a place where souls get their personalities, interests, and quirks before they go to Earth. It is there that Joe teams up with 22, voiced by Tina Fey, to find his way back to Earth before it is too late.

This trailer also features a song called Parting Ways. This song was written, performed, and produced by Cody Chesnutt. Soul was created by Pete Docter who also was a director on the film, co-director and screenwriter Kemp Powers, and producer Dana Murray. They were joined by American anthropologist and educator Dr. Johnnetta Cole and globally-renowned jazz pianist Jon Batiste who also served as cultural consultants.


Soul is now scheduled to be arriving in theaters on November 20, 2020. This is after being delayed from its original release date in June due to the coronavirus. What do you think of this trailer? Are you excited for this movie? Share your thoughts in the comments below or with DAPS MAGIC on Facebook or Twitter!

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