Disney Done Healthy: Fitness Apparel

Welcome back, friends! Yesterday in our first Disney Done Healthy post we discussed getting started. Today we are bringing Disney into this 100%! How are we doing that? By discussing our favorite Disney inspired fitness apparel!

So why am I talking about fitness apparel? What does that have to do with getting healthy? More than you’d think. In my experience, feeling stylish and/or cute while I workout changes my mindset and encourages me to work harder. Does that mean you need expensive leggings or something like that? Not at all. Even something as simple as a fun headband can make a difference. Additionally, I use cute workout gear as a reward for accomplishing goals. By using this instead of a food item, I encourage myself to keep with my healthy lifestyle changes.

There are a ton of small and big small shops that offer Disney inspired fitness apparel. I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorites along with some discount codes that the shop owners shared with us!

  • Geekily Ever After Geekily Ever After is one of my all-time favorite small shops! I personally own a ton of her bowbands. However, she carries more than that! She also has fabric wrap twist bands which are great for workouts! Use code DAPS10 to save 10%! Geekily Ever After
  • Imagination Trading One of my favorite newer shops, Imagination Trading has some of the most unique and interesting designs. The Galactic Women Tee, Bloom & Honor Tee, and the I’m Hungry Tee are all perfect for bringing Disney to your workout (I should know, I have them all)! Use code DAPS15 to save 15%! Imagination Trading
  • MsTomMorrowWhen I registered for my first runDisney virtual 5K series I found this Etsy shop on Instagram. They have some great visor and tech shirt designs for the current series! I purchased both Haunted Mansion shirts and visor and love them! Use code DAPS10 to save 10%. MsTomMorrow
  • shopDisneySmall shops aren’t the only place to get fitness apparel. shopDisney actually has some cute tank tops as well as fun runDisney merch! shopDisney

I hope you’ve enjoyed discovering some of my favorite shops! Where do you like to get fitness apparel? Let us know in the comments below or use the hashtag #DAPSFit! Be sure to stop by tomorrow when I’ll be sharing some of my favorite Disney inspired workout playlists!

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