The World Famous Jungle Cruise Quarantine Returns with More Jokes and More Skippers!

With the Disney Parks continuing to remain closed and people continuing to “stay in place,” Skippers of the World Famous Jungle Cruise have decided to continue on with their mission to bring humor to the world. Of course, this can’t be done currently in the dangerous jungles of Adventureland (look out for signs of danger!). Instead, these incredible skippers have moved to an even more dangerous locale… the internet.

These intrepid Jungle Cruise skippers initially put together a video on youtube of some new and old jokes from the jungle. This included some current and former skippers. Now, they are back for more. In this new adventure around the world via the internet, Jungle Cruise skippers from as far away as Tokyo Disneyland and Hong Kong Disneyland join skippers from Walt Disney World and Disneyland to share their unique brand of humor and to make you laugh.

Jungle Cruise Skipper Quarantine Returns… Again

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The World Famous Jungle Cruise has been a fixture in Disney Parks since Disneyland first opened in 1955. It soon will also be a movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Emily Blunt. It is known for its unique brand of humor with bathing elephants, sleeping lions, dancing natives, hippopotami with wiggling ears, Trader Sam, and of course the backside of water!

Jungle Cruise Sunrise Safari

Several years ago  Disney offered the opportunity to spend a morning in the jungle with some of these world famous Jungle Cruise skippers. The Jungle Cruise Sunrise Safari offered guests the chance to eat breakfast in the jungle near the African Veldt. This was followed by a crash course in being a Jungle Cruise skipper. It was a magical morning, if for no other reason than getting to hang out with the Skippers themselves for longer than seven minutes.

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The Jungle Cruise continues to be a classic attraction at the Disney Parks, mainly due to the humor of its skippers. So the question must be asked, what is your favorite Jungle Cruise joke you’ve ever heard?