Knott's Berry Farm Boysenberry FestivalKnott’s Berry Farm has just announced via Twitter that the park will close beginning March 14 until the end of the month. With the way it is worded, it sounds like the Knott’s Berry Farm hotel will remain open during this period of time. All of this is due to concerns with the COVID-19 also known as coronavirus. It is not the only park or venue to close for over two weeks due to concerns. Knott’s Berry Farm also often closes or has reduced hours during days of rain, which is currently happening within these next few days. No statement has been made regarding the Boysenberry Festival which had been scheduled to begin March 20. We will keep you up to date as we get information.


As a personal note, it can be a time of disappointment, but also a time of opportunity. If the marketplace at Knott’s remains open there are many Boysenberry items to experiment with your own cooking options. Peanuts cartoons are available several places online. All of this can be new ways to enjoy time with loved ones with items associated with Knott’s. And, it will all build great anticipation for when the park opens again for a fresh visit to enjoy again! This is not a bleak time, just a different time. Enjoy it!