Sunday Recap Report – A Return to Disneyland

We are back from Dallas, and that meant it was back to our ‘normal’ Sunday at Disneyland! Of course, we had a chance to enjoy one more Sunday without a parade at Disneyland and before the food and wine festival begins at Disney California Adventure. When I arrived around 11:50am, it seemed a bit busy in the Park.

As I was walking towards Plaza Inn, Angela caught up with me. We chatted and walked for awhile before watching The Straw Hatters and the Main Street March in Town Square. It’s always fun to see the streetmosphere entertainment. They definitely add to the fun of the Park!

After the March, we caught up with Luke. We were waiting for Mr. DAPs and Caitie to arrive so we sat on a bench knowing that once we sat down that they would arrive. Sure enough, that’s what happened. We hadn’t been sitting for a minute, and in they walk.

Of course, our first stop was Market House Starbucks. From there, we headed towards the Castle to take some photos. Since the Mark Twain had reopened since our last visit, we decided it would be great to take a cruise on the Rivers of America. We stood on the second deck, and it was such a beautiful day to be up there and enjoy the view and scenery.

Soon after, we headed towards Galaxy’s Edge. As we entered, the moment when the Lieutenant, Stormtroopers, and Kylo Ren enter was about to begin. This show happens at various times throughout the day. From there, we headed towards the Millennium Falcon. We wanted to go on Smugglers Run and try the new ‘Chewbacca Mode.’ It’s rather quite different and fun!

Of course, we have the details on how you can experience ‘Chewbacca Mode’ on Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge right here! Hopefully you will be able to try this on your next ride aboard Smugglers Run! If you speak Wookie, you will have no problem guiding the Falcon through the ride. If you don’t, you will still have fun experiencing this version!

After some fun on Batuu and the Millennium Falcon, we headed towards Disney California Adventure. On the way, we stopped in front of the Fortuosity Shop and saw The Straw Hatters once again. Once at Disney California Adventure, we made our way to Monsters Inc. to see how the FastPass was working. Unfortunately, the attraction was down when we passed by.

As we made our way to Sonoma Terrace, we saw many of the food booths for the food and wine festival were already set up. There are fun signs on the booths this year, which is fun. We sat at the Terrace for awhile, enjoying snacks and the atmosphere. Soon it was time for dinner, so we headed to Smokejumpers Grill.

After dinner, we went towards Grizzly River Run to see if anyone was riding on a crisp, cool evening. It was 59 degrees in Anaheim, but it felt cooler than that. Some people were riding the attraction, but it was practically a walk on. While there, we also checked out the refurbished Rushin’ River Outfitters shop. A particular sign in the shop caught the eye of Mr. DAPs, and it is quite hilarious!

We then made our way to Cars Land, and chatted with our friend Steven and his brother. They were sitting on a bench near Flo’s. After that, we headed towards Monsters Inc. once again. This time, it was open. It wasn’t busy this time around, and FastPass was still available.

After some time at Disney California Adventure, we headed back to Disneyland. We walked around Tomorrowland and Fantasyland before heading to Galaxy’s Edge. It was now 8:50pm, and we decided to call it a night. So we headed to Main Street by walking around the Rivers of America through Frontierland, and through the Hub.

Overall, it was a rather nice day to be in the Parks. It didn’t appear to be too busy, which was good. Next week’s recap will be a rather busy one with a look at the ‘Magic Happens’ Parade, as well as the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival!