Chewbacca Mode - Millennium Falcon_ Smugglers Run

Check Out “Chewbacca Mode” on Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge continues to be full of surprises. On Sunday, the DAPS MAGIC crew were able to experience a new one for them. This new experience is what we are dubbing “Chewbacca Mode.” When it is activated, rather than having Hando guide the crew of the Millennium Falcon on its run, Chewbacca takes over and barks and howls orders throughout the adventure. Here is a look at what the DAPS MAGIC team experienced.

Chewbacca Mode on Millennium Falcon Smugglers Run


How to Activate Chewbacca Mode

Left pilot: Push joystick all the way to the left or right. While doing this, activate your console

Right pilot: Push joystick all the way forward or back. While doing this, activate your console.

Gunners and Engineers: Press and hold any white button then press the button to activate the console.

All of this must be done before the cast member finishes their pre-flight checklist and begins the attraction.

Chewbacca Mode Observations

Riding aboard Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run with Chewbacca Mode is definitely a different experience. Without Hando constantly guiding the adventure, it definitely can almost be disorienting at times. The DAPS MAGIC team agreed that this is definitely an experience that is better suited for guests who have ridden this attraction multiple times and are fairly familiar with it. Definitely try and have a group of six who are ready to move quick as a team to make this happen as well. Double check the process listed on this page before doing it so each team member knows precisely what to do to attempt and get Chewbacca Mode.

Having Chewie as a part of this attraction though is a blast and it is nice to have something different. It is exciting to think of the future possibilities with this attraction as things continue to move forward!

What did you think of Chewbacca Mode? Have you attempted it yet? Share your thoughts and observations in the comments below!