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Another First Look At “Magic Happens” Coming to Disneyland Park on February 28

We are just over a month from the debut of “Magic Happens” at Disneyland Park! The all-new daytime parade will delight guests starting February 28 and will tell the stories of classic Disney and Pixar tales guests know and love. Today, we are excited to share another first look into some of the magic that Disney is making behind the scenes!

In this magical moment, we get to see the pumpkin transform into the carriage that transports Cinderella to the ball. This shimmering parade unit will bring our original princess through the heart of Disneyland!

your first look

In this special unit, we see the grand finale of Princess and the Frog brought to life! As Tiana and Naveen share their kiss and complete their journey back to human bodies, they are surrounded by golden flowers.

This is one that we are incredibly excited to see! In this unit, we see Merlin leading the way for Arthur on their grand adventure to find magic. This float that represents The Sword in the Stone will really help guests find the magic in “Magic Happens!”

Check out this special video from Disney below to continue your first look into this special parade that is coming to Disneyland on February 28!

Out of all the floats we have seen peeks of, which are you most excited for? Be sure to connect with us on Twitter and Facebook to let us know!


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