Waiting in the Rain for Candlelight

Sunday Recap Report – Waiting in the Rain for Candlelight

Welcome back to another ‘Sunday Recap Report!’ The day started off partly cloudy and cool at the Disneyland Resort. This weekend was also Candlelight, so we definitely hoped for good weather.

I got to Disneyland around 11:45am, took some photos, and started scoping out a spot for Candlelight. I found a few spots, but I couldn’t wait in those spots for too long. Around 12:30pm, Mr. DAPs arrived and it was time to get coffee. I made the coffee run to Market House Starbucks. Around 1pm, we were finally able to secure our along the curb between City Hall and the Firehouse.

It had rained about 5 times while we waited. Each time it seemed to rain harder and harder. You could see people opening umbrellas fairly quickly. We were by some trash cans and underneath a tree. The tree helped provide some cover from the rain, except the 4th and 5th times when the rain was more steady.

While waiting for Candlelight, we chatted with new friends which definitely helped the time pass by. We also saw both Christmas parades, even though the second parade was delayed due to weather. The entire second parade was even more fun as it passed by in about 10 minutes!

Between parades, people found their spots on the street. Even Cast Members were busy setting up chairs and getting last minute things organized. And because of the rain, the Cast had to dry off the chairs a few times. But everyone worked together to get everything ready in a timely manner.

At 4pm, we all stood for Flag Retreat. It was a fairly quick ceremony as there was no space for full ceremony, but it was patriotic as always. It’s definitely a highlight of a visit to Disneyland. After the Flag Retreat, we got the last bit of rain. It lasted about 5 minutes. Again, Cast Members rushed to dry off chairs as bets they could.

The excitement was definitely building once it hit 5pm. The orchestra was in place, invited guests were being seated, and people were scrambling to find last minute spots. Then at 5:25pm, the lights began to dim as the Candlelight Orchestra began to play the ‘Candlelight Overture.’ Around 5:30pm, the Candlelight Choir had made its way up Main Street and started to take their places on stage.

The Candlelight Ceremony was now ready to begin as the choir was in place. They sang one more carol before the herald trumpets began the first song of the Ceremony. The narrator night two of Candlelight was Lin-Manuel Miranda. He was also the narrator for night one, so it was nice to see him for night two.

Candlelight ran as smoothly as it could, and with no rain. The choir, orchestra, and everyone involved in the show definitely put it a lot of hard work to make this holiday tradition continue year after year.

After Candlelight, we made our way up Main Street and towards Galactic Grill in Tomorrowland for dinner. While having dinner, the Disney Holiday Dance Party got underway. There was a host this week, and he kept the energy and excitement going. The characters were fun once again, and guests had fun dancing with them as well!

Following dinner, we headed towards Main Street. A friend of ours was in the second Candlelight show, and Krystyn wanted to get some photos. While she did that, we browsed the Emporium. I was able to get some photos of some new items.

We then found a table near Coke Corner and sat there while Mr. DAPs downloaded photos and the video from Candlelight. From there, we headed to Galaxy’s Edge through the Resistance Camp entrance off of Hungry Bear Restaurant. While in Galaxy’s Edge, we explored and saw the new soda droids near Oga’s Cantina.

It was now time to leave Disneyland after a fun filled day of waiting and waiting for Candlelight while trying to keep dry from the rain. And of course the fun of waiting for Candlelight is meeting new people and making friends! Here’s to more adventures next week!