Josh Gad and Team Departs The Muppets Disney+ Series

The Muppets

A scripted version of The Muppets is no longer being developed for Disney+. The series that was connected with Josh Gad, Adam Horowitz, and Eddy Kitsis. Apparently, after an executive change led to the trio departing from the show that was titled Muppets Live Another Day.

The change came after some transitions at Disney with the executive overseeing Muppet Studios. After a change of executives, the new executive, Disney Parks Live Entertainment Senior VP David Lightbody, wanted to take a show in a different direction. The trio of Muppet enthusiasts opted to depart from the project rather than taking it in the new direction. According to Hollywood Reporter, the parting was amicable.

The show, as it was envisioned by the trio, would have taken place right after Muppets Take Manhattan. It would have been an 8-episode miniseries. The Muppets were going to be searching for Rowlf in this show. It is unknown if a new creative team will move forward with the new vision put forth for this show as put forth by Lightbody.

The ending of work on this show by Gad and crew will not impact the other new Muppets project that was recently announced at the D23 Expo for Disney+. Muppets Now will be an unscripted short-form series. It will feature classic Muppet stars like Kermit and Miss Piggy with celebrity guests. It will be arriving on Disney+ sometime in 2020.



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