Join the Circus with the New Dumbo Preview on Main Street at Disneyland!

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Walt Disney Studios has brought the big top to Disneyland with a new preview of Dumbo in the Main Street Opera House.  Annual Passholders got a sneak peek of the sneak peek on February 28 before the opening of the preview on March 1.

Inside the Disney Gallery portion of the Main Street, Opera House is a showcase of concept art and costumes from the upcoming film.  The art shows off a major setting of the film which is called Dreamworld.  Take a look at the park map for Dreamworld and you may notice a resemblance to another park map we all know and love.  Other pieces of art show scenes from the circus with Dumbo and the family of characters that care for him.

Along with the art are a couple of the costumes worn by characters of the film.  A suit worn by Michael Keaton as V.A. Vandevere and a dress worn by Eva Green as Colette Marchant appears in a glass case in the lobby.  Besides the costumes, there is a life-size statue of the little pachyderm himself.  It is a great photo spot as well.

The preview itself shows a somewhat familiar scene from the original animated movie.  Dumbo with clown makeup is joined by clown firefighters to put out a fire.  Will he succeed?  You’ll have to see the preview or movie.  But, I will say that after discovering what happens to our elephant hero there are more glimpses into the rest of the film.

I was surprised to see that there is a good portion of the movie that will not take place at the circus and probably at Dreamworld instead.  The preview helped pique my interest in this film, and also showed the endearing nature of the lovable Dumbo.  After previewing the preview, annual passholders received a poster and set of buttons, which was a wonderful treat to an already fun sneak peek.

The preview is only at the park for a limited time, and there are some great pieces in the lobby to check out.  Be sure you go by and see it before it flies away!