Adventures at Disneyland in the Rain - DAPS Vlog

Adventures at Disneyland in the Rain – DAPS Vlog

“The rain, rain, rain came down, down down”

Whenever rain comes to the Disneyland Resort, people always ask us “What CAN you do when it rains?” This week has been no different! The weather has been just so wild here lately that the Disneyland Resort closed two hours early on Saturday night. This makes people think the rain is just so miserable that the parks couldn’t bear to stay open! It’s really just the opposite! Rainy days are one of our favorite times to play in Disneyland and we’re excited to share it with you!

We started our day leisurely strolling through the park with our coffee in hand! Though Super Bowl Sunday is normally a busy day to be at Disneyland, it seemed that the rain kept people inside at their parties! Our first big event of the day was Mickey’s Rainy Day Cavalcade, an alternative to the normal parade. Mickey’s Soundsational Parade can’t operate when the streets of Disneyland are too wet, so Mickey and the gang hop on some Main Street vehicles and keep the party going! You can tell that this show is one of my absolute favorite parts of inclement weather at the parks.

We spent the majority of our strolling through the park taking pictures! When the streets are as gorgeous as they are, it is truly hard to resist! We always love to look for pictures and help inspire each other, and Krystyn of Krystyn Slack photography is one of the best to have around when you’re looking for artistic rainy day pictures! You can find examples of her own amazing photography here:

Throw in a couple FastPasses and a night ride on the Mark Twain and we definitely had an ideal Sunday in the rain! The most important tip we have for the rain is ENJOY! It is a very unique experience that lends itself to some real Disney magic!

What are your favorite ways to spend rainy days? Connect with us on Twitter and Facebook and let us know your favorite Disneyland memory in the rain!