A Magic Kingdom Epcot Flying Back to California Kind of Day – DAPS VLOG

My final day at Walt Disney World was a whirlwind of a day. The day started off with a bus ride that led to a monorail ride and then a ferry ride! The trip eventually led to me arriving at the Magic Kingdom for a patriotic morning. At the end of the morning, I transferred over to Epcot for a wonderful afternoon with Mikey Really Likey. As the afternoon came to a close, it was time to make my way back to the airport and home.

For not having a full day, it was a surprisingly busy one. I was able to experience quite a few things and then end on the most important attraction to end on while at Epcot. Can you guess what it is? Find out for sure on today’s DAPS VLOG from my trip to Walt Disney World! I hope you enjoyed following along with me on my trip!


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