A Look Inside the Newly Reimagined World of Disney Shops – From Disney Springs to Downtown Disney District

World of Disney is officially open to make magic on both coasts! The DAPs Team was lucky enough to be able to see both in person, so come along with us as we take you through the pixie dust that lies inside the walls of each World Of Disney!

Both shops have been reimagined to have more of a modern feel but have classic inspirations! The inspiration comes from Walt Disney’s “Nine Old Men”, the original Disney animators that took on some of the most classic projects. Everywhere you look in these shops you can see a fun nod to the past, while still looking to the future!

Downtown Disney District

Downtown Disney District is almost unrecognizable! While the layout to the store has stayed mostly the same, the traffic flow has improved in a major way! The shop used to be full of incredibly tight twists and turns, and while there were signs on the walls to point guests in the direction of what they were shopping for, it was at times difficult to get a lay of the land. The new shop in incredibly clear in what type of merchandise will be where, and if the wall space isn’t needed for signage, it is used for magic! One of my favorite magic effects was Tinkerbell flying in the wall behind one of the registers. It was so fun to hear families reactions around me when they realized what was happening before their eyes! Overall, the World of Disney shop is an incredible improvement, an is sure to simplify souvenir shopping for many guests!


Disney Springs

While Disney Springs already had a lot of space to work with, it still faced a lot of the issues that the World of Disney in Downtown Disney District experienced. The shop could feel incredibly full and was often hard to navigate. I can gladly say this issue was resolved with the reimaging in the Walt Disney World Resort as well! While we walked through the shop on a busy Friday night, we still had no issues navigating the shop around us. I haven’t been to World of Disney in Disney Springs many times, so I was incredibly nervous about getting lost in the expansive store. I found my way around with absolutely no problems and even found a few things that I wanted to take home in my suitcase! The most impressive thing about the Disney Springs shop it how effectively the lines are managed for the cash registers. It is incredibly clear where lines begin and there is plenty of space for a queue while not affecting any guests shopping experience. While Disney Springs received the updated signage, there is one piece that made it with the reimaging, Stitch! It was so much fun to see families enjoying the “spitting” Stitch just on top of the entrance. It was an incredible surprise and I’m glad to see it made it!

While you can take a look at the shops for yourself now, the grand re-opening dates are on their way! The grand event is slated for October 26 in Downtown Disney District at Disneyland Resort and October 27 in Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort.

Have you gotten to see either World of Disney location in person? What was your favorite detail? Let us know!


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