Saying Goodbye to Pixar Fest & a bug's land - Sundays with DAPs

Saying Goodbye to Pixar Fest & a bug’s land – Sundays with DAPs

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The Disneyland Resort is pivoting from the summer celebration of Pixar Fest to Halloween Time festivities. This time of transition isn’t just focused on seasonal changes though. This year, as the summer winds down, the Disneyland Resort says goodbye to a whole land as well. On September 4th a bug’s land in Disney California Adventure will shrink guests down to the size of bugs for the last time. This land will be closing to make way for a new Marvel-themed land.

This week the DAPS MAGIC team thought they would try something different for Sundays with DAPs. If it is liked, we will continue it in the future. On Sundays, the DAPS MAGIC team will livestream from the parks. We will also produce our normal Sundays with DAPs video. Then, all of this will be put into a post showcasing our Sundays on the website. So without further adieu, here is the first in this series of posts and videos.

There were several fun things to check out yesterday at the Disneyland Resort. First off, the U.S. Navy Southwest 32nd Brass Band was playing in Disney California Adventure. This was as a part of Navy Week in Los Angeles. The group was a lot of fun and full of energy. They performed at the Hollywood Backlot Stage at both 12:30 pm and 1:30 pm. The DAPS MAGIC team arrived for the 1:30 pm set to livestream.

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Next, it was time to stop by a bug’s land to say goodbye to this land that will soon be gone. The land was fairly busy but not packed as people stopped by for one last goodbye. The team livestreamed a walk-through and also filmed a more in-depth video of the land that will go up sometime this week. What was your favorite part of a bug’s land?

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As the afternoon progressed into evening, the DAPS MAGIC team headed to Disneyland to meet both Rey and Kylo Ren. Video wasn’t shot of this but it was a lot of fun. After dinner, it was decided that a walk through the Pixar Fest areas would be appropriate. As the Pixar Pals Dance Party began the team headed from Tomorrowland over to Disney California Adventure to take a stroll through the main hub of Pixar Fest, Pixar Pier. It was a lovely evening on Pixar Pier and the Pixarmonic Orchestra was playing. There really are few prettier places at night at the Disneyland Resort now than Pixar Pier!

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After the stroll through Pixar Pier, it was time to head back to Disneyland to catch Together Forever. This is the last weekend for this firework spectacular and it really has been enjoyable watching this summer. A spot was found on Main Street, USA and video camera set up to catch the show.  After a brief delay, the show was presented in full to an enthusiastic crowd. The show was a lot of fun as it usually is. It was made even more fun with the energy of the crowd. It appeared that many people stopped by because it was the final weekend of Pixar Fest. It made for a great vibe!

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After the show, the team hung around to avoid the outflow of crowds heading to the parking lot. Some pictures were taken for Amanda Jane Design brand ambassador Caitie Bear. Make sure to keep your eyes on her Instagram in the coming days and weeks to see the photos!

It was a beautiful day to be at the Disneyland Resort this Sunday. The DAPS MAGIC team had a great time seeing some fantastic people who said hi throughout the day. If you see the team in the parks on Sundays, please make sure and say hi! We’d love to meet you!

Mr. DAPs and the DAPS MAGIC team often post on Twitter and Instagram when visiting the parks. Please feel free to follow Mr. DAPs on Instagram or Twitter along with the DAPS MAGIC team as well. You can find both at the following handles:

We wish you all a magical week and we hope to see you in the parks!


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