Celebrate Halloween the Disneyland Way With This Main Street, USA Mickey Jack-O-Lantern Pumpkin DIY!

Every so often, Disney Family posts a how-to of a craft that makes me think, “I could make that!” When the Disneyland Main Street Mickey Pumpkin DIY was posted last week, I looked over it and knew I wanted to try it, but in a more simplified fashion. I decided to just do the pumpkin and forego making the base, but I was quite pleased with the end result! Today, I’m here to share my tutorial with you of this fun and festive craft!

I tried to limit the number of supplies that I needed, and also purchase items that didn’t require as much additional crafting. Between my super-artistic roommate, Annie and myself, we had paint and brushes, as well as a glue gun and sticks. The only things I wound up purchasing were the 3 pumpkins and clay for the stems. Disney Family said to use styrofoam balls for the ears, but those required sculpting and painting styrofoam is actually quite difficult and doesn’t smooth out nicely.


  • 1 Large Fake pumpkin. I went with the carvable kind
  • 2 Small Pumpkins for the Ears
  • Orange Paint
  • Yellow Paint
  • Brown Paint
  • Green Paint
  • Hot Glue Gun and Glue Sticks
  • White non-wax pencil


  • Clay for Pumpkin Stems, Leaf, and Vine
  • Or Fake Leaf and Vine

How To:

  1. Paint your pumpkins! The large one was orange, but I painted it a brighter orange. The small pumpkins were white, so I ended up painting them brown, and then orange over those coats to make the colors match between the small and large pumpkins.

2. Let the large pumpkin completely dry before sketching out the faces. NOTE: If you use a wax pencil, the paint may not stick when you try to paint his face.

  1. Paint the faces (if you want to do both). I used a lighter yellow rather than a sunshine yellow.
  2. If you want to simplify the stems, just paint them green. I personally ripped off the stems of the small pumpkins and painted white clay green and shaped them to be a little more stumpy. I also made a Leaf and Vine out of the painted clay as well. You could use green clay, but I thought I might need to make it a couple of colors, so I bought white.

*You could hot glue a fake, green leaf and Vine to the pumpkins if you wanted a simpler option.

  1. Once everything is completely dry, Play around with where you want the smaller pumpkin ears, and then hot glue them on the large pumpkin.

That’s it! You have a Mickey Mouse Pumpkin, just like the one in Disneyland! If you make one, tag us in your photos so we can see your craft!

Would you recreate this Mickey Pumpkin?

Until next time,


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