Tokyo DisneySea Will Bring Worlds of Disney and New Hotel in Largest Expansion Ever

Tokyo DisneySea has an exciting announcement for the resorts 35th anniversary.  In 2022 there will be the largest expansion to Tokyo DisneySea ever!  The new port will include more than the already announced Arendelle, and a new hotel will be set inside the park and connect to this new themed area.

Fantasy Port

Tokyo DisneySea is set to ports instead of lands.  Each port is connected to water in some way, and the new area will be no exception to that.  Arendelle and the story of Frozen have already been announced for the park.  This part of the port will feature a boat ride that takes guests through Frozen’s story with all the catchy songs.  Inside Arendelle castle will be a new restaurant.

The port doesn’t just contain Arendelle.  It will also feature the story of Tangled!  Rapunzel’s tower will be seen in this part, and a restaurant themed to the Snuggle Duckling and its residents.  A gondola attraction will have a finale set to the beautiful lantern scene of the movie.

Neverland is yet another area of the port that will feature the iconic characters from Peter Pan.  The Lost Boys will be featured in a new restaurant in this area.  And there will be two new attractions here!  One will have guests flying with Peter Pan to rescue John, Wendy’s brother, from Captain Hook.  The other attraction will immerse guests in the world of Pixie Hollow with Tinker Bell and her friends.

The Hotel

The new port will have a new deluxe hotel.  This hotel will have similar themes to the port, expanding on Disney fantasy from the areas.  There will be 475 rooms, two restaurants, and a shop.

All of this is in addition to the Tokyo Disneyland expansion, which includes a Big Hero 6 and Beauty and the Beast attractions!  The resort is already an exciting place to be and in 2022 it will have even more excitement for guests visiting!